One day tour Casablanca – Essaouira

The tour begins at 8.00 am. We will go into the peace and beauty of Essaouira. The name of this old citadel at the western-african atlantic cost, means literally “wall” in bereber language, and you will discover why soon. Travelers around the world come here to enjoy a very special weather and explore its diverse ans unique history.

Upon leaving Casablanca, we drive through lush valleys full of orange trees, ancient olive trees and working farms. After a while, we arrive in Chichaoua, where we can take a short break to have a coffee or an aperitif at Café Afoulki.

Once we have fueled, we will move on, which comes soon at our first signs of argan trees. These special trees are valued for their medicinal, nutritional and cosmetic properties. The tree, a relict species of the Tertiary, is very well adapted to the drought and other difficult environmental conditions of the south-west of Morocco, and although it is now in danger of extinction, it is under the protection of UNESCO.

After the morning trips, we arrive at Essouira, where we will have the opportunity to walk through the ancient streets and imagine what life once was like. The streets have a genuinely Portuguese feel, after they changed the name of the city in the 16th century and used it as a port of their own.

Here you can dine fish straight from the sea at any local restaurant, and you can even have a camel ride on the beach if you want!

In the afternoon we finish the excursion in Casablanca at 18.


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